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Today we launch our new individual tubs of Vegan Vanilla, just as Wimbledon offers 'vegan cream' to the world with its traditional summer strawberries. It was a year ago that we first turned our attention to developing a 'vegan ice cream'.…

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Proud to announce that Criterion was recently awarded Bronze Level accreditation by Suffolk Carbon Charter to acknowledge the efforts we are taking in monitoring and reducing our carbon emissions. The award is intended to provide public recognition of vital steps…

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Established 1920 we decided to launch a new website a few months ago.

Here are one or two of the kindly notices we have received since then

Ella R
“Your ice cream is beautiful”

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We commissioned our final most rigorous taste test in early January.

Allison Knight, owner of Allison’s Eatery in Bury St Edmunds, took a couple of 2 litre tubs to one of the regular Vegan Suppers that are run for independent vegans and vegan enthusiasts, many of whom are in the food trade themselves.

She writes “As promised I took your vegan ice cream to the Vegan Supper I attended last night.  It was served to approximately 35 people and they loved it; the response was really positive, it had such a lovely flavour and was really creamy.

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